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Nous vous proposons de découvrir ici les vignes de Menetou-Salon dans le Cher (18).

Yearts fly by but never look the same. Working the vineyard is a process of constant renewal, dictated by the vagaries of nature.

This vine stock, seemingly dead during winter feed on the resources of the deepest solis to come back to life in spring, revealing its most splendid branches which shall bear the fruits of the new harvest.

The Man is watchful over this ever this ever changing nature, he look after it, with love and care, he gives it everything it needs. He only keeps the branches, which, after fermentation and vinification in the vats, will be made into wine and bottled.

Only then, you might discover, contemplate and taste the wine, the result of a whole year of work and patience, and finally tell with your friends

Ce vin est un vin d'exception

Le domaine viticole Fraiseau Leclerc vous propose de découvrir sa cave à Menetou-Salon dans le Cher (18).

Half of our 9.5 acres estate is planted in pinot noir for the red and rose wines while the other half is planted in sauvignon for the white wine, on argillo-calcareous soils.

Work is mostly hand made, and the whole vineyard soil is mechanically worked. We strip off leaves on the side facing the rising sun and a green harvest takes place after flowering.

We always keep in mind that a well done work in the vineyard is the first step towards the siccess of our wines.

Our cellar allows us to make grapes into wine in accordance with tradition and modernity and to discover, as time goes by, the fruit of our work.

Every year, the new vintage is the reward for our efforts, for the pleasure of our customers.


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Domaine Fraiseau Leclerc 

  • Domaine Fraiseau Leclerc
  • 3 rue du chat
  • 18510 Menetou Salon
  • Ph. 02 48 64 88 27
  • Mob. 06 60 57 91 70